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Dr Agarwal has invented several new surgical techniques in the field of Urology. These techniques have been published in various reputed International journals.
  • Sliding Clip Technique for Partial Nephrectomy: Dr Agarwal invented a novel technique which has revolutionised the practice of partial nephrectomy around the world. Link
  • Minimally invasive surgical method for Nephroureterectomy. Link

  • Balloon technique of Retroperitoneal surgery: Dr Agarwal was involved with Dr Gaur in developing the pioneer technique of Balloon Retroperitoneal surgery. This has now become a standard surgical technique and is widely published in various Urological Text books and Journals.
  • One of the important surgical steps during Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy. Link

  • Renal clamp for Partial Nephrectomy. Link





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